MR1613A6 Diamond Ridge Tooth

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The company can now produce non-planar composite sheets with different shapes and specifications such as wedge type, triangular cone type (pyramid type), truncated cone type, triangular Mercedes-Benz type, and flat arc structure. The core technology of polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is adopted, and the surface structure is pressed and formed, which has a sharper cutting edge and better economy. It has been widely used in drilling and mining fields such as diamond bits, roller cone bits, mining bits, and crushing machinery. At the same time, it is especially suitable for specific functional parts of PDC drill bits, such as main/auxiliary teeth, main gauge teeth, second row teeth, etc., and is widely praised by domestic and foreign markets.
Diamond ridge teeth. Non-planar diamond composite sheet for oil and gas drilling, a special shape, forms the best cutting point to obtain the best rock drilling effect; it is conducive to eating into the formation, and has higher mud bag resistance.

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Cutter Model Diameter/mm Total Height/mm Height of Diamond Layer Chamfer of Diamond Layer
MR1613 15.88 13.2 2.7 0.3

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