CB1319 Dome- Conical DEC (diamond enhanced compact)

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The company produces non-planar composite sheets with different shapes and specifications such as wedge type, triangular cone type (pyramid type), truncated cone type, triangular Mercedes-Benz type, flat arc structure, etc. The core technology of polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is adopted, and the surface structure is pressed and formed, which has a sharper cutting edge and better economy. It has been widely used in drilling and mining fields such as diamond bits, roller cone bits, mining bits, and crushing machinery. At the same time, it is especially suitable for specific functional parts of PDC drill bits, such as main/auxiliary teeth, main gauge teeth, and second row teeth.

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Product Model Diameter Height Radius of Dome Exposed Height
CB1319 13.440 19.050 2 6.5
CB1418 14.350 17.530 2.5 6.9
CB1421 14.375 21.000 2.5 6.9
CB1526 15.000 26.000 2.5 10.0
CB1621 15.880 21.000 2.0 8.3
CB1624 15.880 24.000 2.5 8.3
CB1625 15.880 25.000 2.5 8.3
CB1629 16.000 29.000 2.5 11.0

Introducing the CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC, a diamond-enhanced compact cutter with superior technology and unrivaled cutting edge efficiency. This product is made of polycrystalline diamond composite sheet, which is formed by pressing and exquisite workmanship. The result is a composite sheet with sharper cutting edges and better economics, making it the product of choice for a variety of drilling and mining applications.

CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC is widely used in diamond drill bits, roller cone bits, mining bits, crushing machinery and other fields, showing first-class performance everywhere. The product is designed to provide long-lasting results as it is specially adapted to the functional parts of PDC bits such as primary/secondary teeth, primary gauge and second row teeth.

This diamond strengthened dense plate is unmatched in terms of performance as it provides a superior cutting edge with its advanced technology making it easy to use by professionals and experts alike. Sharp edges ensure it cuts through the toughest materials with ease, delivering accurate results for any assigned task.

The CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC is the ideal product for any professional or business interested in efficiency, cost savings and better performance. With this market-leading technology, you get top-notch service, exceptional cutting-edge efficiency and exceptional durability. Whatever your field of interest, the CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC will help you reach your goals with ease.

Investing in the CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC is an investment in quality and performance, and a smart decision for small and large businesses alike. Anyone who has used this product can attest to its superiority, evident in the flawless results it delivers time and time again.

In summary, the CB1319 Dome-Conical DEC is the right product for the job, whether for drilling or mining, crushing machinery or other functions. The advanced technology behind this product makes it a must-have for anyone in the industry as it guarantees highly effective, long-lasting and unparalleled results.

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