DH1216 Diamond truncated composite sheet

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A double-layer frustum-shaped diamond composite sheet adopts the inner and outer double-layer structure of the frustum and the cone ring, which reduces the contact area with the rock at the beginning of cutting, and the frustum and the cone ring increase the impact resistance. The contact lateral area is small, which improves the sharpness of rock cutting. The best contact point can be formed during drilling, so as to achieve the best use effect and greatly improve the service life of the drill bit.

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Cutter Model Diameter/mm Total
Height of
Diamond Layer
Chamfer of
Diamond Layer
DH1214 12.500 14.000 8.5 6
DH1216 12.700 16.000 8.50 6.0

Introducing the DH1216 Diamond Cut Composite Plate – the latest innovation in rock cutting technology. This advanced cutting tool features a double-layer frustum-shaped diamond compact design that combines the inner and outer layers of the frustum and cone ring to reduce the contact area with the rock during operation. The tool has improved impact resistance, making it ideal for use on hard and abrasive surfaces.

DH1216 Diamond Truncated Composite Plates are the result of a cutting-edge engineering process designed to provide the most efficient drilling solution with the highest performance. The tool’s unique double-layer structure enhances its durability and greatly improves the diamond cutting ability, reducing the wear and tear of the drill bit.

One of the most notable features of DH1216 Diamond Cut Composite Plate is its small contact lateral area. This design aspect improves the sharpness of the rock cut, which is critical to increasing the overall efficiency of the drilling process. By creating an optimal contact point during drilling, this innovative tool provides flawless use and greatly increases the life of the drill bit.

The DH1216 Diamond Truncated Composite Plate is the perfect choice for professionals looking to optimize their drilling process. Whether you are working on solid rock, granite or any other difficult material, this diamond composite plate guarantees superior performance. It is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications from construction to mining.

In conclusion, DH1216 Diamond Truncated Composite Plate is a cutting-edge product that combines innovative design and advanced material technology to deliver superior performance. With improved impact resistance and a small contact lateral area to ensure optimum contact with even the toughest rock, this tool will revolutionize the way you drill. So why wait? Buy the DH1216 Diamond Cutting Composite Plate today and experience the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness of rock cutting!

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