DW1214 diamond wedge enhanced compact

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The company can now produce non-planar composite sheets of different shapes and specifications such as wedge type, triangular cone type (pyramid type), truncated cone type, three-edged Mercedes-Benz type, and flat arc type structure.wedge-shaped diamond composite teeth are stronger in impact resistance and toughness than flat composite teeth, and have sharper cutting edges and lateral impact resistance compared with tapered composite teeth. During the drilling process of the diamond bit, the wedge-shaped diamond composite tooth changes the working mechanism of the planar diamond composite sheet from “scraping” to “plowing”. Cutting teeth advance resistance, and reduce the cutting vibration of the drill bit.

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D Diameter H Height SR Radius of Dome H Exposed Height
DW1214 12.500 14.000 40° 6
DW1318 13.440 18.000 40° 5.46

Introducing the DW1214 Diamond Wedge Enhanced Compact, a revolutionary new product designed to change the way you drill.

The DW1214 features wedge shaped diamond composite teeth and is a game changer in drilling. With its exceptional impact resistance and toughness, it handles even the most demanding drilling tasks with ease, delivering unrivaled performance and reliability.

What really sets DW1214 apart is its advanced cutting edge and lateral impact resistance. Unlike tapered compound teeth that are prone to damage and wear over time, the DW1214′s diamond wedge teeth are durable and provide superior performance in even the harshest drilling environments.

During the drilling process, DW1214 uses its unique wedge-shaped diamond composite teeth to change the working mechanism of the flat diamond composite sheet from scraping to plowing. This reduces cutter advance resistance and significantly reduces cutting vibration, allowing you to achieve smoother, more precise drilling results faster than ever before.

Whether you’re drilling in tough rock formations, exploring for oil and gas, or working on construction sites, the DW1214 diamond wedge-enhanced compact is the perfect tool for the job. Compact, durable and reliable, it is the ultimate choice for professionals who demand the best.

So why wait? Experience the power and performance of the DW1214 Diamond Wedge Enhanced Compact today and take your drilling to the next level!

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